Hydrate, Dear: The Feisty Army Art Annex

 My entire family is full of creatives; as hard as I tried to avoid a similar fate, it's mitochondrial and I am compelled to create often quirky, non-commercial and silly things.

That changed when it turned out that my lifetime of activism dovetailed perfectly with a background in design: I co-founded and co-owned Revolution Art Shop (R.I.P.) with my then-partner and we teamed up with artists, made antifascist designs, sold them, and raised money to fight the forces of Cheeto wherever they popped up, which was everywhere.

Six years later, I'm so very tired. So my new focus is on the more personal, including the long-avoided Charles Moone Memorial Art Collection which my brother and I inherited in 2010. Time for his art to find happy new homes.

Hopes & Goals:    That my designs still ring true and that the crystalline seeds of rebellion of 1.0 lives on in 2.0.  

That the products are more environmentally benign (to the extent they can be without me also personally sourcing virgin-blessed organic goat wool).   

That I can keep the prices low, despite inflation. I've trimmed the margins as close as I can without actually losing my shirt–ha ha–on everything, and included shipping. 

That–if Feisty Army comes to anything–I can once again start donating substantially to the causes that we donated to during the five years of 1.0, especially reproductive justice causes. 

I'm trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to avoid Meta/Facebook/Instagram because they are the synthesis of a decade of disinformation, propaganda, anti-democratic messaging, and radicalization internationally.

I'm not a natural self-promoter or salesperson. I AM a natural activist and have a crafty impish streak to rankle those who seek to oppress. I'm pretty successful on that front.  I have an uncanny ability to translate fascism, usually with much swearing. I wrote much of the copy and deep-dives on our old IG, and my brain aggregates news with a fanatical intensity. My health has taken a severe hit as a result, but I also can't seem to moderate myself. My loss is your gain?

Making listings for one-of-a-kind originals is HARD and TIME-CONSUMING, so it'll be a slow process, methinks. In the meantime, many of my past and present designs are represented here, including:

* Beautiful Ruins: Travel Posters from the Climate Crisis ¹
* Yo Ho, Heaux
* [Girls Just Wanna] Burn the Patriarchy to the Ground
* Coq Bloq, the first design I made after the Trump election (And logo of Rev Art) in December 2016!
*Baphocat, the Dark Lord's Darker Master, a very handsome devil.
*The saint for our time: Our Lady of Zero F*cks
*Auntifa: Aunties Against Fascism (and other family members too!)

And my favorite early viral hit: "The Order of the Baby Cannon" for Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare.

THANK YOU for visiting. I might be tilting at windmills, but at least I have company.

Love, Feisty

¹ If there are new weird products you would like to see (like shower curtains about climate change or Baphocat tea towels) I'm listening! Absurdity is a feature, not a bug.

² If you're involved with environmental organizations who you think would benefit from beautiful representations of our horrible present and future, please send them to Feisty Army. I would love–LOVE–to work with groups successfully addressing our most imperative issue, fascism be damned. (see note ³)

³ Antifascist Always, Betches.

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