Feisty cat's sign says "Plz"
Feisty Cat's sign says "Hold"
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I'm working behind the scenes to chart the next year. I hope that you'll follow this little quixotic calico wherever she pops up next!

New Site, Same Belligerence

It's a "work in progress" as they say: there are things that don't work yet. But it's pretty and I like it better than the old site so you get it early! Things that are different: fancy new look, better organization, fall clothing. Things that aren't: attitude.

New to Feisty Army

  • Beautiful Ruins: Travel Posters from the Climate Crisis (Hello, Hurricane Ian.)
    Beautiful Ruins poster: New Orleans French French Quarter building underwater, and designated a UNESCO heritage site.
  • Designs from Feisty's earliest days including
    • Coq Bloq, the first design I made after the Trump election. I've been Bloqing Coqs since December 2016!
    • Baphocat, the Dark Lord's Darker Master, a very handsome devil.

    Coming soon

    • More stickers! Some of the same, some new ones, all fancy.
    • New weird things for the holidays, like a Feisty Cat "Hydrate Dear" bento box.¹
    • Greeting cards and postcards. Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like sending Our Lady of Zero F*cks postcards to your most despised politician.


    •  Our Lady deserves relics by which we can pray to the power No Effs Left. I'm considering either really fancy Xmas ornaments ($$ but not $$$) or –yes– snow globes [$$$$] for the holidays of 2023. But I have to plan now to make that sort of craziness happen. 
    [go look at the amazing work of the Queen of Snow Globes to understand my bizarre compulsion. They're exquisite.]
    • More Beautiful Ruins climate change posters. They're intensive, complicated and frustrating, but I'm very... happy? satisfied? with the first two and there are so many events which deserve our attention.²

    If you find weird things, let me know! I'm revisiting everything through the weekend, and know about some of the issues, but new eyeballs on the site find things I didn't know were a problem. I'm just one person/cat and it makes a world of difference to me if you have suggestions.

    THANK YOU, as always. I might be tilting at windmills, but at least I have company.

    Love, Feisty


    ¹ If there are new weird products you would like to see (like shower curtains about climate change or Baphocat tea towels) I'm listening! Absurdity is a feature, not a bug.

    ² If you're involved with environmental organizations who you think would benefit from beautiful representations of our horrible present and future, please send them to Feisty Army. I would love-–LOVE–to work with groups successfully addressing our most imperative issue, fascism be damned. (see note ³)

    ³ Antifascist Always, Bitches.

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