Feisty cat's sign says "Plz"
Feisty Cat's sign says "Hold"
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Still laying the tracks of my future, but I just launched some stuff on Etsy

Spend $40, get OUR LADY sticker free! Value $10 (or priceless, depending on your point of view)

News and View Toward the Future

As I’m getting a handle on the backend of the online store, I’ve begun testing out some ideas that have been burning in my brain for a long, long time. Some of them are barely past the zygote stage, but it finally seems like they’re in the realm of the possible.

Our Lady of Zero Effs religious votive in sparkly glory


  • First, Our Lady of Zero Effs religious votive hasn’t been available because it hasn’t been possible for me to fulfill them amidst all the upheaval in my life. That’s changing! I hope to have them available by fall. Many blessings upon us.
  • I’m moving into the world very tentatively! I’ll be at Portland’s Belmont Street Fair September 10, 2022. Come tease me. Better yet, tell me what products you’d like to see in person! If it goes well, I hope to be at many events in the fall as we head into the holidays.
  •  I have not one but TWO potential Kickstarter projects for some very fun, utterly non-political products that amuse me deeply. We need fun in this time—now more than ever. (NOTE: the profile has no projects yet, but I'm gearing up for them. Hopefully next spring!)

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