All the Things

A very smol history of things I've made, many of them no longer in production.

Birth announcement for our son: a passport from the Interdimensional Federation. Ancient history.

Remember CDs? Yeah, I don't really either. Designs for Storm Large.

My 40th birthday. We printed these and stuck them on all the beers at the party.

Back-painted octopus on glass, gilded. 2014

In situ in our kitchen. 2014

Octopus always wants our food! 2014

Living In Twilight cover, a book I wrote about my papa dying of cancer. I used his art to illustrate it. 2015

Page spread for Living in Twilight. 2015

Props from Fallout 4 that I made with my son out of crap in our basement. 2016

Stimpak 2016

Gauss rifle from Fallout 4, made from really random junk. 2016

What a trip, right? Election, 2016

Coq Bloq in 2016--right after the election. I raised about 400+ bucks and donated it to NARAL. Rev Art was born out of this.

"Scream' climate change design. 2017

Storm Large wearing my tee Thank You For Your Cervix 2017

Tyranny Saurus Rex: A political dinosaur whose time has ended. 2017

"Build Hope Not Walls" modeled by my brother. 2017 Hurricane Harvey fundraiser

Baby Cannon challenge coin for Benjamin Wittes 2017

Order of the Baby Cannon, with a baby cannon to call my own. 2017

Coin in situ with former president of Estonia.

No Place for Kings (among the Igbo) antifascist tee design 2017. Languages included Spanish, Catalan, French, Japanese, Arabic, Igbo and English.

Fvck the NRA and Coq Bloq (and purple skates. I just broke my wrist using them. Wear wrist guards, y'all!)

Me in the process of blocking coqs while wearing Coq Bloq. 2017

Lawfare print identity. 2018

Lawfare illuminated sign from my branding 2018

Fvck the NRA hat 2018

Updated branding for Rev Art 2018

Updated branding for Rev Art Shop 2018

Trash bucket hat, and Trash flask. Big gonzo mood. 2018

Coq Bloq hard enamel pin. 2018

Pupperoni with Trash Panda Chic branding 2018

Public Service Announcement: Anti-Karen device. 2018-ish

Flip the House 2018: Middle Finger Salute

Baphocat, the Dark Lord's Darker Master, a.k.a Meowphistopheles. 2019

Oh Deer, You Need a Throat Kick enamel pin, a collaboration with Kim Kalliber, based on one of her amazing purses. 2019

Save for "Don't Tread," all of these designs and fabrications are mine. 2019

Trash bucket and Witch tee, making me a garbage witch, I guess. 2019

No More Wire Hangers with handmade font. 2019

"Did you block lots of coqs? I sure did" advertisement. 2019-ish

Coq Bloq Beer: For people sick of other people's *bleep* 2020

Auntifa, a tribute to Portland's Tear Gas Summer, 2020. After Rev Art shut down, I updated the design to be more akin to Feisty Army's aesthetic.

Dracarys: Election 2020

After Trump cover design for Lawfare. 2020

Rudy's Last Stand: Fantasy Island Tribute. 2020

Our Lady of Zero Effs on my laptop 2021

Our Lady throw pillow 2021

Stop Killing Everyone 2021

Ghost of Kyiv flag 2022

Standing in front of my poster "Beautiful Ruins: Greetings from California." #climatechange 2022 2022

"Beautiful Ruins: UNESCO Heritage Site French Quarter" #climatechange. 2022

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