Charles Moone landscape painting "Untitled" with stone wall [Ohio] 1998


My father Charles Moone was an artist and professor for over fifty years and I have stacks of drawings and paintings that haven't been seen by anyone except me since his death in 2010. It's time for these beauties to find a second life.

This is a medium sized painting that brings verdant Ohio to you. Charles painted a series from his "Ohio homecoming;" he reconnected with his college mates later in life and did a few of these (of which this is the smallest). This is in the same area as a larger one he titled "Morning Walk," and is in or near Westerville. (Locals might know exactly where this is! Write if you do!)

Charles painted with a very free style in his landscapes: you can see each brushstroke, and sometimes he left gaps where there was no paint at all. The contrast between the opulent greens of the foliage is a lovely contrast with the stony wall and the red earth path. With impressionist paintings, it's fun to walk away and then come in close to look at the many little strokes that make up the whole. Step back again, and it gels into one cohesive and lovely scene. Magic!

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