Original Life Drawing Classroom Sketch "Untitled Charcoal #1" 1996


My father Charles Moone was an art professor for over thirty years and I have stacks of drawings and paintings that haven't been seen by anyone except me since his death in 2010. It's time for these fragile beauties to find a second life. Upon sorting through his classroom sketches, Untitled #1 one leapt out at me for its light and sensitivity, and so it's my first offering from the Charles Moone Archives.

All the classroom drawings are aged: not intended for permanence, they're sketched on cheap newsprint. They're discolored and dog-eared, torn, faded and often have charcoal ghosts on their verso from the drawing underneath it in the stacks. You can get archival framing if you desire this drawing to last, or you can tack it up on the wall with the understanding that its impermanence is a part of its charm (Keep out of direct sun; sun damages paper--especially newsprint--really quickly).

Classroom sketches are fun because each scribble is so lively and immediate; not completed for anything other than learning and practice, they're a peek into how artists work while teaching future creators as well.

 18" x 24"

Charcoal on newsprint


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