Charles Moone landscape Untitled [Cape Cod Sunset] 2002


One of Dad's favorite places on earth Cape Cod, where he went every summer with
his best friend Betsy, another artist. Together they would sketch, photograph
each other, and then Dad made these delightful scenes from their travels. This
beach scene is hard to capture on a camera, but it's spectacular and tender in
person. Charmingly personal but not saccharine, including details like a family
dog and a little girl's pool noodle as she stares out toward the Cape.

Charles painted with a very free style in his landscapes: you can see each
brushstroke, and sometimes he left gaps where there was no paint at all. Great
contrast between the slashes of clouds in the sky and the rolling foothills.

With impressionist paintings, it's fun to walk away and then come in close to
look at the many little strokes that make up the whole. Step back again, and it
gels into one cohesive and lovely scene. Magic!

BONUS: This painting looks amazing with his vertical and lovely Red Rocks
they echo each other and contrast each other in lovely ways. [See slide 7]

Oil on stretched canvas - not framed

16" x 10"



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