Female Nude Figure Drawing #1 [stretching her back] in dry pastel by Charles Moone 1997


This beautiful nude study features the view of a standing woman's back while she's stretching, her muscles rippling in the tilting daylight. The lines of her body are deftly realized in chiaroscuro, though the bright colors of the background make it a warm and cheerful piece. It's drawn on a blue paper, and the color lends itself to the drawing in places.

(Not for nothin', I remember that throw pillow–it has a moon on it–from my childhood, and it's in a number of his pastels.)

My father Charles Moone was an art professor for over thirty years and I have stacks of drawings and paintings that haven't been seen by anyone except me since his death in 2010. It's time for these beauties to find a second life.

All of the color pastels are on archival, acid-free paper like Fabriano "Tiziano" or Hahnemühle. Pastels are Rembrandt or similar.

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