The Many Moods of Feisty Cat | Sticker Sheet | 12 Feisty Cats with very loud opinions | Prochoice Anti-Hate


Feisty Cat and her many, many moods, most of which are disapproving of the direction this country is going. Notable exceptions include "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" and "Full Bowls and Clean Boxes." (A girl has to have some personal demands, too.) Other signs include "F•ck TERFS" "Aunties Against Fascism" "Organize Don't Agonize." 12 Feisty Cats total, in a lovely floral pattern on a background of tropical leaves.

•Indestructible, just like you
•Glows with righteous rage
•Slap tag your way to freedom from harm by the State


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